Let’s be real. We’ve all been there.

A few short years ago, I decided that it was time to take a huge jump in my life. A terrifying, Mount Kilimanjaro type jump.

I was still working your typical 9–5 and then coming home to write until late at night. I fell in love with delivering high-quality content to clients from all over the world. However, I was working for pennies a word, trying to stay afloat.

I only had part-time to think about something I wanted to do full-time. I started my content creation business anyway, burning the midnight oil up until January 2018 when I couldn’t take it any longer.

I still remember that chilly day where I walked out the door of the office, got into my car and drove to my new office: home. I was thrilled, I was fulfilled and yet, I was naive.

You see, I had been running my business for a couple years, but was not fully immersed in it. I was writing articles about carpet while trying to vacuum my own. I was waking up each day to go to work, using up all of my phone memory on new ideas in the parking lot. I was split.

In January, when I finally began creating full-time, I was smacked in the face with the reality of everything I did not know that I thought I did.

Here goes nothing.

  • I forgot that I almost didn’t make it through Algebra in high school. What makes me think I can do my own business taxes?
  • Speaking of taxes, you have to pay your employer part and employee part. Guess what, I’m both.
  • I’m so good at following directions. However, I’m not good at giving them. Are you telling me I have to do both?
  • You can’t write high-quality content while binge-watching Golden Girls at the same time. It doesn’t work.
  • You will actually receive text messages asking you for a quick favor since you’re at home now and “have so much time off”. And you’ll feel bad for having to say no.
  • Decisions sometimes have to be made fast. There is no time for overthinking, which is kind of my middle name.
  • Anger will be felt, especially when you realize it’s 4 o’clock and you haven’t eaten yet.
  • Tears will be shed, especially when you reach a word count of 5,000 for the day. (It happens.)

Yes, it looks silly now as I look back. Why wasn’t I more prepared? Why didn’t I do all of the research? Why didn’t I read those books I bought about running a business? Well, because the things I DID know, outweighed it all:

  • I would have the freedom to keep my little boy home with me when he needed me.
  • I could take that nap at 3 in the afternoon after writing my heart out for a piece. Or, when another migraine took over.
  • I could put my name on the sign-up sheet for connect groups and volunteering at church.
  • I could say yes to that vacation with my family.
  • I could paint. I could read. I could have time to do what it is that fuels me.
  • I could experience the confidence that comes with doing something you didn’t know you could do.

And so much more. I have experienced each of these things, just in a few short months. I am learning the things I didn’t know. I am meeting incredible people I never thought I would meet. I am doing things that I never thought I could do. I am incredibly blessed.

Running a business has taken my “never” and turned it into now.